Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slow Crafting week, No shows...

So there was no craft show on the schedule for this week. I spent the day with my sweetie and our boys, going to an Irish Festival. It was fun, all the vendors seemed to have many of the same items, though we did pick up a Irish Christmas tree ornament for the boys to give their Grandmother on her birthday next month.
I had a small private showing of some new jewelry on Sunday that resulted in a couple sales, nothing major, but a sale is a sale and you just never know when word of mouth can lead to more customers. Etsy seemed much slower this week (as far as views went) I thought I promoted a bit heavier than in weeks past, but the views seemed to be down. I did have a lot of members "heart" me as a seller this past week, but I didn't think the buyers-only (the buyers that don't also have a shop) were really there. Perhaps I wasn't active when they were viewing.
I did have a multiple item sale from a local person who may have picked up my business card from last week's show. She bought 2 small items 1 day and came right back to buy another 2 the next day. I was a bit worried because she had zero feedback and was paying by money order, but the MO was in my hands 2 days later and now I hopefully have a another regular ETSY customer.

I read in one of the ETSY forums about one of the regs forming an ETSY club on this pay for view site, so I looked into it. It's one of those sites where you get paid for each page view you make (and probably for every time someone views your pages), so I joined since it was for free. As usual with these type of sites, you need to ask people to make you a "friend" and more importantly you need to make referrals. It's really like myspace, except you get paid to chat, surf, blog and post pictures. I'm in the ETSY knit club and I'm thinking about starting an Etsy crafting club. If you're looking to make money on the Internet, don't want to invest a single penny and have about 20 minutes a few times a week to surf, then maybe you'd like to check this out....

If you do sign up, let me know if you'd be interested in joining a Crafters on Etsy club. I don't know what qualifications you need to have to start (and I'm very new) but I'd love to get an Etsy club going where we could trade craft secrets, show info, Etsy tips, etc.

Til next time....

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