Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sea Glass Hunting... After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

So one would think it's not the ideal time to go sea glassing (aka-hunting for sea glass) Well there is nothing further from the is the optimum time to long as 40 degree temperatures and cold, biting winds don't bother you much.

Okay, I have to admit...frigid conditions on the beach DO in fact bother me and I often don't accompany the hubby on his bordering on insane excursions, but after a bunch of convincing (he told me it would be great!) we went after work earlier this week and as he planned, the conditions were perfect. It wasn't too cold, and the winds weren't horrible...and since he knew that winds were blowing lightly from the west, the full moon had just passed and we arrived at low tide- everything was in place for a bountiful sea glass hunt!

Kevin has often told me of these perfect opportunities to find sea glass...and now I know exactly what he meant. I had never been to the beach to see this type of low was out at least several more feet than I had ever seen before...and the waves coming into the shore, weren't waves at all, they were more like gently rushing water.

With the shell/rock beds on the ocean floor exposed, this was I know how he sometimes come home with several dozen pieces. While I picked from the higher beds, Kevin braved the water in his not-so-cool-looking water-proof boots and together we came home with what you see in the images above. (the boots might not be cool looking, but he found several pretty pieces lying in 3 or 4 inches of water, pieces that would have been out of reach otherwise...besides, I bought him the boots for Xmas last investment in my

He told me it would be great...and he was right.... however, he told me it would be great again yesterday and he was right again, but this girl ain't no fool.... temps in the low 40s and a colder, stronger wind...this girl stayed indoors and drank a hot cup of tea while the hunter went hunting : )

'til next time...