Thursday, July 24, 2008

EtsyNJ Street Team-- We received a grant from Etsy!!

The EtsyNJ street team received a grant from Etsy last week and pending Etsy's approval, the NJ street team will be running a full page ad in Weird NJ. The ad will run during the October issue, which is just in time for the holidays.

The ad will feature several of the NJ members and have a link to a in-progress web page that will feature links to all participating members. All participating members will agree to a little special for any purchases made from this ad.

The team unexpectedly received more support from our members than originally thought. So it looks like another ad featuring the team is in the works and probably several more to follow.

It's great to be a part, albeit a small part, of the EtsyNJ team. They are so involved in the promoting of the team with a daily promotion in the Etsy forums, a Yahoo group (where we share info with each other) a couple of team websites and who knows how many treasuries each week (I believe I'm currently in 3 or 4 treasuries) It always great to run into team members at craft shows and to meet many of the members I only know through Etsy's forums or our yahoo group.


Okay now to my personal Etsy happenings... My JOB has been beating me up a bit this summer. After taking it slowly for much of the summer, I'm now trying to play catch up. I have a show coming up in a less than 2 weeks and I really need to bear down and spend some quality time with my creating-table.

I did put in a few hours this past weekend, putting together several sea glass pieces and then a nother couple of hours taking photos, downloading, cropping , etc the images to be listed on Etsy.

Of course out of the 6 I listed, half of them have already sold and I have a pending inquiry on another piece. I'm very thrilled for the sales (Okay, I'm more than thrilled-- I scream YAY---to myself ) but I almost don't want to list anymore pieces before the show. I'd really like to have a couple of pieces of sea glass jewelry that will WOW the customers, as I do a show in this town later in the fall.

It would be great to continue to establish myself as one of the sellers in the area to see if you're interested in buying sea glass jewelry. My s/o and I often have people stop by my table to chat about sea glass and pick our brains on where we look for our gems or how I make the jewelry. It's always fun to sit and listen to their stories about their best finds (my s/o always make a mental note when people mention exactly where they always find a lot of sea glass...and never gives up our secret little stretch of beach where we continue to find rare colors and the odd jewelry quality piece)

Just another quick thanks for the EtsyNJ team... with so many member promoting the team, it really does wonders for all of our stores and I'm so very glad to be a part of everything we are involved in!

til next time...


PS- The above sea glass bracelet is the next to go into my Etsy shop.... or perhaps I'll hold onto it until the craft show (tho I'd like to keep it for