Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

...and some strong antibiotics. I'm feeling quite a bit better today, still not nearly 100%, but I did knit for about 40 minutes before feeling a little uncomfortable. I was also able to promote on ETSY for awhile and even update this blog. Hopefully I'll feel okay to finish up a few pieces of jewelry tonight and make a bunch of cell phone charms for my upcoming craft shows. The cell phone charms are awesome stocking-stuffers and they seem to do real well at the shows, as opposed to selling at ETSY. The charms in my ETSY shop have picked up a few views over the last couple days, so maybe the buyers are beginning to look for XMAS items.

My son gave one to his teacher last year for Christmas and she told me she's received alot of compliments and helps her locate her phone in her messy purse.

Well, time to lay down for a bit... the antibiotics are kicking in.


PS- the picture is from the beach w/ my sons and nephew. Too funny!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Another lost day...

Ugggh.... went to bed Weds night with a cramp in my side. I thought it may have been a gas bubble. I laid and finally feel asleep, but woke up with the same pain. My side hurt to touch and was very sore. I thought maybe I strained a stomach muscle while swimming in the ocean or running around on the beach with my 2 boys and my nephew. Went to work and it hurt even more... after about an hour they sent me to the hospital, where I found out I have an intestinal infection (diverticulitis sp)

I thought I had been eating very healthy over the long weekend, but apparently the seeds from all the tomatoes, plums, grapes etc all found their way into a little "pouch" in my intestine, stayed there and eventually became infected.

Soooo, another lost day (or 2) from crafting, which really sux because I'm less than a month out from my 1st fall craft show and I didn't really accomplish much over the weekend. I was able to start a scarf last night, but found it hard to sit in the same spot comfortably and I only finished about a 3rd of the scarf.

I really need this pain to lessen soon, so I can get a couple of new things on ETSY and keep plugging along on my inventories. I'm off to take my antibiotics and lay down for a half hour. I'm praying I'll feel a bit better and can accomplish anything when I get up.

At least the picture of my smiling little men make feel a bit better!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Catching up

Just a brief entry to catch up on things...

I spent a few days with my family at the beach. LBI wasn't really that crowded for th Labor Day weekend and by Labor Day the crowds really thinned out. Tues & Weds found the beaches nearly empty and the traffic in Loveladies was almost non-existant.
Which was fine by me. I did have to work but the boys and my sweetie stayed on the island a couple of days and I met them after work. I didn get a brief photo op each morning during the sunrise and found some awesome beachglass that I probably would've missed if the crowds were there... 2 decent size pieces of cobalt blue and 1 smaller size piece of red or pink, (it's either light red or very dark pink...looked red in the sunlight) along with a handful of greens, amber/browns and white. At some point, I'll make a necklace or maybe earrings with a few of the more common pieces, but I want to keep most of them for me...LOL!

As far as the crafting goes... I'm knitting another scarf, building up jewelry supplies and inventories for the upcoming fall shows. I'll probably also delve a bit into some Halloween decorations and my oldest son wants to make holiday-themed candles (we'll see how motivated he is when it comes to giving up a Saturday or 3 to make product...LOL)
I'll be adding another scarf or 2 to my ETSY shop over the next few days, along with a few more pieces of jewelry. Hopefully sales start to pick up very soon.
Til next time...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The start of the Fall selling season

I've been looking forward to the fall season with great anticipation. My craft sales should increase dramatically. The lure of the beaches and boardwalks just seem to slow my craft sales down to a slow crawl in the summer months. Even ETSY was very slow.
But now that the lifeguards are ready to end their season on the beach and the boardwalk begins to close down their rides on the piers, the craft show announcements seem to pop up on a almost daily basis. It seems that the number of views on ETSY have increased by twofold.
Now I have to make sure I stay focused in my crafting... knitting every day during my lunchbreak and making jewelry at night (and knitting when I'm watching my favorite fall shows)
Here's hoping I don't go crazy and grab table space at every craft show right off the bat. I nice mixture of successful shows, spaced out every 2-3 weeks would work.

Check out my newest additions to my ETSY shop, if you have a moment.