Saturday, October 27, 2007

Craft Show today!!

My Etsy shop is de-activated for the day, but will be back online Sunday evening.
I'm doing a craft show in Lacey Township, NJ later this am. The show begins at 10:00 am and is one of the better attended shows in the Ocean County are. If you're anywhere near exit 70 on the Garden St Pkwy, come on over to the High School. There are always lots of great crafters... get started on your Holiday shopping.
I'll be somewhere in section G, stop by and say hello!

I wrote an article about Etsy and it was published on the internet earlier this week. It's called "Move over Ebay, make room for ETSY" Here's a link to the article... if you get a chance, give it a read and maybe a comment or rating!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

My article about ETSY was published !!

I recently wrote an article about how Etsy has taken over Ebay's marketshare when it comes to handmade items (I've notice alot of little ads when I'm on Ebay about "sell your crafts on Ebay", so I guess they've also noticed the drop-off)
If you get a chance, click on the link and check it out...feel free to comment/rate the article and pass the link along to anyone who you think would enjoy it.

I also wrote this article about my favorite pastime when at the beach... hunting for beach glass...

Thanks for taking a look!


Halloween, weekend craft show, beachglass

Wow, I just can't believe it's 5 days to Halloween. I guess that's what happens when warm, sunny weather extends the summer into mid-October. Now with the cold rainy weather, the fact that the Holidays are no longer creeping up, but they're right around the corner, scares me a bit.
At this point of the fall, I used to always be about 1/3 of the way done with my holiday shopping and I haven't purchased one gift yet. It's time to get crackin'... At least I have a lot of items "hearted" at Etsy and that will cover a few people on my shopping list.

I'm still waiting for confirmation on this weekend's craft show. I'm 99% sure I'll have a table (since they cashed my check), but I don't have any other info about where the table is located, etc, etc. It's a large show and I can't imagine they will try to sort it out on the day of the show.

So here's the location..... Lacey Township High School, this Sunday. It's my favorite show to attend as a customer and the one I really wanted to do as a vendor. The weather is supposed to be nice (finally!!) sunny and cool and hopefully the attendance is the same as previous years. So if you're in NJ and around Ocean Co, stop at the Lacey Township HS and come visit. I'll be there....somewhere. Stop by and say Hi!, I love meeting my fellow estians.

I will be rolling out my beach glass jewelry at this show. I think it came out very well and there's a few pieces I'd love to keep for myself (but I promised my sweetie I'd only keep one or 2 for me). I'd love to put them on Etsy, but so far the pictures have been very unflattering and don't show off the beach glass. Quite a few of these pieces really sparkle in the light, especially when outdoors. Hopefully I can take a couple of good pictures this weekend of the beach glass jewelry. I'd like to put a couple pieces on Etsy after this weekend and I'll post one or 2 of them here later tonight or in tomorrow's blog.

If you're interested in reading the article I had published about Beach Glass, check my previous blog for the link.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beach Glass- Trash or Gem?

Wow, 2 entries on the blog in less than 24 hours? I'm turning into a blogging fool...

About a month ago, I blogged about Beach Glass. I called it beach glass 101 and it was well received. Since I'm making quite a few jewelry pieces that include beach glass, I thought I'd share an article I had published on another site.

It's a bit more informative than my earlier blog, feel free to leave comments or rate my article.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New items, more custom work ....

As you can see from my last entry, I've finished a couple of my beach glass creations and this bracelet is one that I really, really love (did I mention I love it?) and don't want to place on ETSY or offer at this weekend's show... well hopefully I'll be doing the show.

I have picked out a really nice piece of beach glass and I'll be making myself a pendant with it as soon as I can take a breath.

Today, I wore another one of the poly clay pendant/necklaces that I made for myself and for the 2nd straight day, I received a custom order ( 2 pendants in time for Xmas gifts, Monday I may have received another pendant order and I'll be showing some of my items to her tomorrow or Thurs) I was a bit leery about doing custom work and thought doing custom pendants at my craft show tables could be popular. I haven't even showed anyone my pendants with using prints of my children or the Grand Canyon. I'm starting to get a bit nervous I won't be able to offer the custom work on ETSY. It's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, as I don't want to be delivering items past the last week of November. I guess I'll have time to sleep after the holidays when the shows and custom work slows down... LOL

Okay, my November 17th show looks to be confirmed (I received an email letting me know that a week b4 the show I'll receive the table #) I guess that means I'm in. This show was #2 on my list as "want to do shows". I start posting date and locations on my blog and on my Etsy shop site as it gets closer to the date.

I'd like to do a quick interview of an Etsy member, maybe starting off with a NJ street team member, or maybe one of my favorite Etsy sellers outside of NJ. Maybe I can do 1 every week for a couple weeks leading up to the holidays.

Til next time...


Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow, where did October go!

It seems like Labor Day weekend just ended and the boys just started school and here we are in the last full week of October. My holiday ornaments are coming along nicely, as are the holiday pendants. I completed a few more beach glass pendants yesterday (cobalt blue and gray... gray has a large bubble, which usually indicates an older piece of glass... this piece of beach glass may be 100 years old! The cobalt blue is really pretty in the sunlight.) I'll probably begin listing the beach glass pieces on Etsy after this coming weekend.

My plans are to offer custom pendants and ornaments on a limited basis during the holiday season. With a clear picture, I can scan and shrink the photo to fit my pendants/ornaments and have them the customers hand in plenty of time for the holidays. I've received a couple inquiries already and I'll be offering this service at craft shows, so it could be a limited offer... we'll see. My "experiments" look so much better in person than in the scans, so I'm really happy how they've turned out.

I hope to be hearing a "yes" in the next day or two from this weekend's craft show. Either way I'll be there, as a vendor or a customer... but I'm sooo wanting to be behind a table instead of walking in front of them!

I'll post more info if/when it comes through!

Til next time....