Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First Creation For The Boys...

Due to popular demand, I finally created a necklace that boys would wear. It's a unisex necklace, but one that the local surfer dudes (and dudettes) have purchased from my display at craft shows.
I used some larger deep olive pieces of sea glass, with a hole drilled, and it hangs on a black waxed cotton cord.

My son loves his and I even wear one from time to time...and the few that I've sold, have been purchased for boys. So I finally answered the request... good for boys and girls, and perfect for surfer first sea glass necklace that the males will wear.

Once again, I've been away from this blog for far too long. Between my J-O-B, custom orders, replenishing my shop and consignment shops have me swamped. I have a list of ideas for blogs, so they should be coming every couple days (now that I've settled into my new position at work) and hopefully, I'll have several new creations to share with each blog.

'til next time...