Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fire & Ice Festival and JerseyMade

On Saturday, January 30, Historic Mt. Holly hosted the Fire & Ice Festival. Despite frigid temperatures that never rose above 20 degrees, hundreds came out for this fun-filled event. The sidewalks were packed with visitors to watch the creation of ice sculptures and they were not disappointed. Several incredible creations could be found for several blocks on and near the Mill Race shopping village.

The shops in Mill Race Village not only offered a respite from the chilly temps, but many also offered a variety of snacks and drinks. Of course getting into many of the shops proved to be trick, as they were often packed with wall-to-wall patrons.

I passed several awesome sculptures (was that a toilet bowl w/ a plunger?) and several alpacas as I zig-zagged my way to JerseyMade. As always, Holly was busy with customers, chatting about upcoming classes at her all-handmade shop. With 22 handmade artisians now consigning their creations, JerseyMade has a beautiful variety of shirts, scarves, jewelry, handbags, soaps, etc... the amount of items in the shop are too great to list here.

Nearly every inch of JerseyMade was filled with patrons who came in to escape the cold, fell in love with one (or more) creation that they had to have and I over-heard many say they needed to come back when the store wasn't so busy because they wanted to see everything.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Mt. Holly, or you are looking for a little something different to do on a winter weekend (spring, summer or fall too) check out the shops and restaurants in the Mill Race Village.

Located in the awesome cooperative village of Mill Race in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Mill Race Village is not only home to Jersey Made, it is also the home of a group of creative, one of a kind shopping district with music shops, stained glass, interior decorating shop, Christmas shop, and more! Come check out Mill Race Village and Jersey Made! Make a day out of it!

Jersey Made

33 White Street – Mount Holly, New Jersey

for more info, check out the JerseyMade website at-

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