Friday, August 31, 2007

End of August

So the end of August is upon us and the summer beach season is over (despite another 3 weeks until the official end of summer) To me, this is the best time of the year for the beach. Very little traffic on the roads and the over-crowding at the beach disappears (as does the amount of garbage left on the beach by the "Bennies")
To be able to fully enjoy the beach this Sept & Oct, I have to get cracking on increasing my inventories for both my ETSY shop and for the fall craft season.
The 1st craft show I will be doing looks to be on the 1st weekend of Oct and I have a few shows pending. I'll release craft show dates and locations as they become finalized.

The pair of earrings that were on a Blog-sale will be placed on ETSY sometime over this weekend and I'll have a few more new items going into my Etsy shop over the next couple of days!
Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Just to clarify the blog-sale on the earrings. The cost will be $3.25 delivered in the USA and $3.50 delivered everywhere else. So minus the shipping, the earrings are being sold for $1.75!!
First reader claims them in the comments will get the earrings.
I'll place them on ETSY as a custom order for the winner to purchase.

Catching up

Away from the computer for a few days, as the family went to Wildwood to enjoy a few days on the beach (well, a different beach at least) and a couple nights on the boards. We had great weather and packed about a week's worth of activities into a few days. We all went for an early morning walk on the beach to go shell-hunting and we found a bunch of nice shells that I may use on some crafts... but we didn't come up with any beach glass worth keeping. We did find a few larger pieces, but they needed more time for mother nature to turn them into "gems", so back they went.

I did do some knitting during the car ride(finally!) and I'm about half-way done on a pretty scarf. I also put together a few more pieces of jewelry last night and a few of the pieces will go into my ETSY shop over the next couple of days.

I guess my Blog-Sale item will also need to go on ETSY, maybe I'll give it a few more hours on this blog (at more than 50% off!!) Once again, 1st response gets the earrings (see the blog entry below for more details)

Time to take the boys for their back-to-school haircuts and maybe a trip to the beach for a late afternoon beach glass hunt.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last week of summer...

...well, the unofficial last week. I didn't get much done today craft-wise today. I put a very pretty bracelet and earring set on ETSY earlier today. I really didn't think the set would last the day... a matching jewelry set for $10 and it did get over a dozen views. No one added it to their cart however. It was tough to capture the set in a really good photo that showed it's true red color. If it wasn't a lighting problem, it was glare off the silver. Finally, I just scanned it and even thought the red is a bit dull, the picture is w/o the glare issues. If it's till in my shop when my 1st craft show rolls around, I'm sure it would go quickly there.

Speaking of my 1st craft show... pending confirmation, it appears my 1st fall show will be 3rd weekend in Sept in the Little Egg Harbor area. I'll have more info once everything is finalized.

Okay, my pre-ETSY sale. I made these cute earrings earlier today and wanted to add them into my shop, but before I do, I'll offer them to a blog reader. The above pair of earrings will go on ETSY for $4 (plus shipping) The 1st blogger that responds to this post about these earrings will get them for $3.50 ($3.25 for USA delivery) I'll put them on ETSY as a customized order to the 1st blogger who lays claim to them.

Good Luck and enjoy the "final week" of summer.


Sunday morning check-in...

So Saturday was a nice beach day. It started off a bit foggy (which delayed the weekenders from showing up) but the usual afternoon sea breeze kicked in and the fog and clouds quickly disappeared. The ocean was once again fairly rough, a bit too rough to search for sea glass (but I did find 2 decent pieces and one small chip, along w/ a couple cool shells)
Last night I stayed up until about 2 am creating a few jewelry pieces and replacing or adding new photos of items in my ETSY shop.
I still haven't decided on the piece I'd like to use for a blog sale, but I'll have something ready for bloggers later today.

The boys are waking up and it's time to get our Sunday morning routine underway... I'll be abck later...