Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last week of summer...

...well, the unofficial last week. I didn't get much done today craft-wise today. I put a very pretty bracelet and earring set on ETSY earlier today. I really didn't think the set would last the day... a matching jewelry set for $10 and it did get over a dozen views. No one added it to their cart however. It was tough to capture the set in a really good photo that showed it's true red color. If it wasn't a lighting problem, it was glare off the silver. Finally, I just scanned it and even thought the red is a bit dull, the picture is w/o the glare issues. If it's till in my shop when my 1st craft show rolls around, I'm sure it would go quickly there.

Speaking of my 1st craft show... pending confirmation, it appears my 1st fall show will be 3rd weekend in Sept in the Little Egg Harbor area. I'll have more info once everything is finalized.

Okay, my pre-ETSY sale. I made these cute earrings earlier today and wanted to add them into my shop, but before I do, I'll offer them to a blog reader. The above pair of earrings will go on ETSY for $4 (plus shipping) The 1st blogger that responds to this post about these earrings will get them for $3.50 ($3.25 for USA delivery) I'll put them on ETSY as a customized order to the 1st blogger who lays claim to them.

Good Luck and enjoy the "final week" of summer.


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