Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catching up

Away from the computer for a few days, as the family went to Wildwood to enjoy a few days on the beach (well, a different beach at least) and a couple nights on the boards. We had great weather and packed about a week's worth of activities into a few days. We all went for an early morning walk on the beach to go shell-hunting and we found a bunch of nice shells that I may use on some crafts... but we didn't come up with any beach glass worth keeping. We did find a few larger pieces, but they needed more time for mother nature to turn them into "gems", so back they went.

I did do some knitting during the car ride(finally!) and I'm about half-way done on a pretty scarf. I also put together a few more pieces of jewelry last night and a few of the pieces will go into my ETSY shop over the next couple of days.

I guess my Blog-Sale item will also need to go on ETSY, maybe I'll give it a few more hours on this blog (at more than 50% off!!) Once again, 1st response gets the earrings (see the blog entry below for more details)

Time to take the boys for their back-to-school haircuts and maybe a trip to the beach for a late afternoon beach glass hunt.


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