Friday, January 18, 2008

January updates, craft shows, what's new

Well it didn't take long before I broke my New Years Resolution about blogging several times each week. Burnout from the holiday craft season and the holiday season itself, left me wiped out and I needed a break to re-charge my engines.
While I don't have any craft shows at this time to prepare for, I have been busy over the last week to week and a half, creating some Valentine's Day gifts for my online shop at The creations have been well received to this point and my magnets continue to garner a lot of views.
So far the New Year hasn't been as slow as I thought it would be. I have several sales this month, along with a reserved order listed on the ETSY site ( custom made order for a customer who saw one of my bracelets!) I've been pleasantly surprised by the flow at ETSY even after the holiday season.

I'm still patiently waiting for Volume 2 of Handbook to Handmade (produced by Timothy Adams, an ETSY seller and now book publisher) I have 2 pages in the issue and I can't wait to see which pictures were used and how the book turned out. Okay, I really ran out of patience about a week ago...but I'm trying to play it off --ya know, whatever- on the outside, but "is it here yet" every time I go to the mailbox on the inside...LOL

Looking at a craft show possibility for the tail end of February, but it's the weekend of my sons B-Day, so I don't know if I'd like to do it. I did hear there were only 5 jewelry tables as of last weekend. Tempting...very tempting! (especially if I have my handmade book to put out as advertising!!!)

Okay, let me go get my little hand-held flags and flag down my mail-person...LOL

til next time...