Sunday, June 29, 2008

On the Front Page of Etsy!!

I check my Etsy site early Sunday morning and noticed one of my Sea Glass bracelets had a significant number of hits. Upon checking the buyers who hearted the item, I noticed it had picked up 6 hearts on Friday and Saturday.

But when I checked in at the EtsyNJ street team site, I then found out the real reason... the team had a treasury selected for the front page!! It seems one of the EtsyNJ team members, ShutterKate, who just happens to be a superb Etsy treasury builder (she's had several front page treasuries and several more that were front page-worthy) created an EtsyNJ team treasury and it was selected to appear on the front page of the Etsy site. My bracelet is the first item in the second row.
After reading through the street team's blog, it seems many of the items had over 100 views (I think my bracelet, which had been in another treasury last weekend also, was between 100-120 views)
Thank you to the members of the EtsyNJ team for creating beautiful items and a standing-ovation for ShutterKate for putting it all together... it was a fun way to start my morning!
til next time...