Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow, where did October go!

It seems like Labor Day weekend just ended and the boys just started school and here we are in the last full week of October. My holiday ornaments are coming along nicely, as are the holiday pendants. I completed a few more beach glass pendants yesterday (cobalt blue and gray... gray has a large bubble, which usually indicates an older piece of glass... this piece of beach glass may be 100 years old! The cobalt blue is really pretty in the sunlight.) I'll probably begin listing the beach glass pieces on Etsy after this coming weekend.

My plans are to offer custom pendants and ornaments on a limited basis during the holiday season. With a clear picture, I can scan and shrink the photo to fit my pendants/ornaments and have them the customers hand in plenty of time for the holidays. I've received a couple inquiries already and I'll be offering this service at craft shows, so it could be a limited offer... we'll see. My "experiments" look so much better in person than in the scans, so I'm really happy how they've turned out.

I hope to be hearing a "yes" in the next day or two from this weekend's craft show. Either way I'll be there, as a vendor or a customer... but I'm sooo wanting to be behind a table instead of walking in front of them!

I'll post more info if/when it comes through!

Til next time....



letitiah said...

oh, I'm in love with grey for this winter! what a pretty pendant!

idabble said...

Thank you, it's a lot prettier than it appears on this scan. I really need to take some outdoor photos of the beach glass items, because they really sparkle in the sunlight.