Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Catching up

Just a brief entry to catch up on things...

I spent a few days with my family at the beach. LBI wasn't really that crowded for th Labor Day weekend and by Labor Day the crowds really thinned out. Tues & Weds found the beaches nearly empty and the traffic in Loveladies was almost non-existant.
Which was fine by me. I did have to work but the boys and my sweetie stayed on the island a couple of days and I met them after work. I didn get a brief photo op each morning during the sunrise and found some awesome beachglass that I probably would've missed if the crowds were there... 2 decent size pieces of cobalt blue and 1 smaller size piece of red or pink, (it's either light red or very dark pink...looked red in the sunlight) along with a handful of greens, amber/browns and white. At some point, I'll make a necklace or maybe earrings with a few of the more common pieces, but I want to keep most of them for me...LOL!

As far as the crafting goes... I'm knitting another scarf, building up jewelry supplies and inventories for the upcoming fall shows. I'll probably also delve a bit into some Halloween decorations and my oldest son wants to make holiday-themed candles (we'll see how motivated he is when it comes to giving up a Saturday or 3 to make product...LOL)
I'll be adding another scarf or 2 to my ETSY shop over the next few days, along with a few more pieces of jewelry. Hopefully sales start to pick up very soon.
Til next time...


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Sounds like you had a great Labor day. I'm very jealous! Sara x

idabble said...

Sara, it was very relaxing, but now I feel a wee bit guilty about not getting much crafting done over the weekend.
But it was a very good mini-vacation!