Sunday, September 2, 2007

The start of the Fall selling season

I've been looking forward to the fall season with great anticipation. My craft sales should increase dramatically. The lure of the beaches and boardwalks just seem to slow my craft sales down to a slow crawl in the summer months. Even ETSY was very slow.
But now that the lifeguards are ready to end their season on the beach and the boardwalk begins to close down their rides on the piers, the craft show announcements seem to pop up on a almost daily basis. It seems that the number of views on ETSY have increased by twofold.
Now I have to make sure I stay focused in my crafting... knitting every day during my lunchbreak and making jewelry at night (and knitting when I'm watching my favorite fall shows)
Here's hoping I don't go crazy and grab table space at every craft show right off the bat. I nice mixture of successful shows, spaced out every 2-3 weeks would work.

Check out my newest additions to my ETSY shop, if you have a moment.

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