Friday, September 7, 2007

Another lost day...

Ugggh.... went to bed Weds night with a cramp in my side. I thought it may have been a gas bubble. I laid and finally feel asleep, but woke up with the same pain. My side hurt to touch and was very sore. I thought maybe I strained a stomach muscle while swimming in the ocean or running around on the beach with my 2 boys and my nephew. Went to work and it hurt even more... after about an hour they sent me to the hospital, where I found out I have an intestinal infection (diverticulitis sp)

I thought I had been eating very healthy over the long weekend, but apparently the seeds from all the tomatoes, plums, grapes etc all found their way into a little "pouch" in my intestine, stayed there and eventually became infected.

Soooo, another lost day (or 2) from crafting, which really sux because I'm less than a month out from my 1st fall craft show and I didn't really accomplish much over the weekend. I was able to start a scarf last night, but found it hard to sit in the same spot comfortably and I only finished about a 3rd of the scarf.

I really need this pain to lessen soon, so I can get a couple of new things on ETSY and keep plugging along on my inventories. I'm off to take my antibiotics and lay down for a half hour. I'm praying I'll feel a bit better and can accomplish anything when I get up.

At least the picture of my smiling little men make feel a bit better!


knitsteel said...

I hope you are healing well and getting some relief from the pain.

idabble said...

Thanks knitsteel. I feel a little better, so I guess the antibiotics are starting to work.
No incentive to knit however, but hopefully tomorrow.