Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is just like Myspace, but you get paid...

Earlier this week I blogged about joining a site call Yuwie. The site is very similar to myspace, without all the spam nonsense and stalkers. Apparently you can do everything you do on myspace and you get paid for page views (no not a lot, but what the heck, if it takes me 6 months to reach the minimum amount before getting a check, why not) I joined a knit club on the site with the word Etsy in the tag. The club hasn't had any posts this week, so I posted to see who from the club is on Etsy.
I also started a crafters club earlier today and I'll see how many people join. I used Etsy as the 2nd tag, so maybe I find some fellow etsians on the site. So far, spending about 60 minutes a day (usually a bit less) I've already qualified for earning money for the month and I've only been on the site 6 days (I think?)
But the best part is, I included my Etsy address in my profile and I've received 2 compliments from "friends" who looked at my shop and liked what they saw. Hopefully they'll sign up and make a few purchases from someone at ETSY (neither of them ever heard about Etsy before)
If you are interested in this Yuwie site, go back 2 or 3 entries, there's a link to the site that you can use for an intro. (even though it's free to join, you need an invite to do so)

I'm busy making my holiday items. I have a decent supply of Christmas ornaments ready and I should be placing a couple on Etsy over the next few days. My show schedule is starting to fill up and I might be getting a table at one of the better shows in Ocean Co the weekend before Halloween. The show often turns away vendors, but they must have had a cancellation or 2, because they are again looking for someone and hopefully it'll be me.
My November is nearly booked and I'm just waiting on one show... my application is in... should I be accepted for this show, my November will be full!!

Okay, time to finish a scarf and then hopefully tonight, my sweetie will take his son's out to a school function so I can finish my ornaments in peace. Hopefully : )

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check that site out! Good luck