Saturday, October 20, 2007

Autumn, Holidays, crafting project and shows

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I'm crossing my fingers that I may get a show for this coming weekend. It's the show I so wanted to do, but heard it had been filled. Last week I heard there may be a few more openings (there were a few tables last yr that were not very prepared... low stock and not much of a display and apparently the mgrs of the show didn't want this again this yr) and I sent in an application after my sweetie spoke with them. I included a few pictures of my table display and some of my items, along with my business card. I've always received compliments about my table displays at the shows I've done, so I'm hoping I receive word early this week.
My holiday line is coming around and I put a couple items on ETSY last night, to see how they would do. One item sold within hours (WOOHOO- thanks Capturing Life!) and the other pendant is featured in my shop and should be on the right border of this blog, in my ETSY mini. I've been experimenting with some prints of my personal photos on pendants and ornaments made from polymer clay and I finally found the right combo of clay, paper and finish (the above picture is the Grand Canyon and I'm going to make it an ornament. I also have a couple pictures of lighthouses, sunrises and the beach, along with decorative Holiday prints. My family members will be receiving ornaments with pictures of my 2 boys and I may offer to do some custom jobs at upcoming shows (and maybe at ETSY, if time allows) for personalized ornaments.

My Yuwie crafters group is now up to 13 members and I received another message from a "friend" that they visited my ETSY shop and they said they'll be signing up, looking for Xmas gifts. Hopefully they stop by my shop for a couple of those gifts : )
If you'd like to join the club, you can join by using this invite. The site is free and resembles myspace (but w/o the spam) but you may find that everyone wants you to be their "friend". It's a good thing, as you get paid for page views and another place for me to advertise my Etsy shop. I spend about 20 minutes a day there, accepting all my friend requests and I've viewed about 1,900 pages (I guess repeat views on pages count) It may take me awhile to earn enough to request a cash out, but it's totally free, so what the heck (especially if it results in a sale or 2)

Sorry, the picture of the Grand Canyon item isn't coming up, the blog site is having difficulties with the upload section of the site. I'll try again later.

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Country Morning Crafts said...

Love the Grand Canyon ornament. Have you ever been to Sedona, AZ? The color of the rocks are such a beautiful red. I could send you a pic if you do custom orders.

idabble said...

Hi Deanna,
Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the nice comment!! I wasn't sure how the Grand Canyon item would be accepted... I love the Canyon, so I just love the item.
I do have some awesome pics of Sedona's Red Rock (my family and I were on a Pink Jeep tour last spring)
If you're interested in seeing the pictures, I could send a link to a site where they are posted, or if you wanted a custom item made with your picture, I can do that also.
Feel free ask... if you're on at Etsy, my store name is
CreationsByRobin, you can convo me there and I'll send you an email address where we could converse.
Thanks again for the kind words, I'm sooo very happy you liked the Grand Canyon ornament... it just made my day!!