Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn weather finally reaches the Northeast

Finally, the summer-like weather has pushed out and more seasonable temps have moved in. The leaves in the trees are still mostly green, but the tops of the trees are showing some color change. The acorns look to be much bigger than the last few years and hopefully, it's Mother Nature's way of taking care of the squirrels when it's going to be a bad winter.
At the show I did last weekend, there were a couple of crafters with knitted items and we all had a lot of people looking at the scarves, it was kind of tough for anyone to even think about spending money on a knitted scarf when it felt like it was 90 degrees.
I don't know how other sellers of knitted items are doing on Etsy or the craft shows, but this weather had me working on other projects instead of gearing up for Autumn and Winter.
My pendants seem to be doing well, I have a custom order to make 2 pendants that have already sold thru my Etsy shop and another custom order that includes a few pieces of jewelry and a hand-painted pendant. I'm tempted to do some custom work as gifts for the holidays, but I'm leery about losing the creative control and getting swamped by orders and not having enough to inventory for my future shows.
Speaking of craft shows, I'm looking to grab a table in about 2 weeks for a Saturday evening show and I'd like to see about sneaking in a show for the 1st weekend in November, before my 2 bigger shows in the middle and end of November. I have 1 scheduled for December and I'd like to try for a 2nd, but it's going to be tough inventory wise.
I'm still working on my beach glass items and should have a couple more pieces ready for my next show.
Til next time...

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