Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Update... craft show results & projects in the works

Well, the 1st craft show of the fall season went well for me. The show really wasn't a craft show, but a Fall Festival, which included antique cars, pony rides and games for children, pie eating contests, etc. There was approx 20 crafters/vendors with tables and I has a lot of visitors to my table and I handed out about 100 business cards for my ETSY shop, along with about 25 flyers of business cards of various ETSY shops.

The weather wasn't very conducive to selling scarves (mid 80s and VERY humid)but my cell phone charms and earrings sold well. I made back the table money and basically paid for all my "show" supplies (bags, receipt book, table displays etc) 4 of my ETSY shop items sold at the show and along with the 3 sales the shop made late in the week, my shop is a bit depleted. I did add a pair of seashell earrings earlier today and I have a bunch of items ready to go on ETSY, but right now I'm working on getting my beach glass items put together.

I did have a pair of beach glass earrings at the show, along with a beach glass pendant and both were looked at many times, but it really wasn't the type of show where folks were shelling out a lot of money for jewelry.

The show was a lot of fun, as my sons were able to be there the entire time, so I did get to spend the a large part of the day with them and they had a blast. All in all, a good day.

Like I mentioned earlier, the beach glass project is underway. The earrings are Amethyst and approx the size of a nickel. They sparkle in the sunlight and caught the eye of some of the vendors and many of the customers that came to my table. As soon as I can capture a picture that shows them a little better, I'll place them in my ETSY store. I did scan them, but the scan dulls the colors. I'm extremely happy with the way this 1st beach glass item turned out and at $22 for the pair, I think they'll find a new home pretty soon. The picture above is the scan from the earrings... they look so dull compared to how they looked at the outdoor show. Hopefully, I'll have a sunny day soon to take a few outdoor pictures of the beach glass items.

The late hours all week long paid off with a good week on ETSY and a decent show. I'm taking the next couple of days off to rest up, restock the supplies and my ETSY shop and look for another craft show between now and the show I have planned in mid-November.

Til next time...



Nora said...

Congratulations on great results at the show. The items in your etsy shop are pretty especially the drop earrings!

idabble said...

Thanks so much, anytime I can have my sons with me and they're having fun, then it's a real good show. I feel guilty sometimes spending a lot of time with my crafting. But we make sure to spend quality time on the weekneds I don't have a craft show.

Hyla Waldron said...

Your jewelry is Beautiful! I am going to your shop now!
Please check out my blog!

idabble said...

Thank you Hyla!! I not only checked out your blog, I also voted for your item in the contest. It is so very CUTE! Good Luck with the contest.