Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beach day today!

All the Sunday morning activities are done and it's a beautiful morning in NJ... that means I must head back to the beach (yes, I was there early this am to snap a few photos, look for beach glass, have a moment or 3 to myself before my sweety and our 2 boys wake up) I absolutely love finding beach glass and I've been tempted to buy some of the beach/sea glass jewelry on Etsy, but I couldn't bring myself to turn my finds into jewelry to sell.
Actually, it's been hard to sell some of the scarves I've made, LOL! About half way thru making a scarf, I WANT IT!!!! And then I end up making a 2nd one for my own collection
Hmmm, I wonder if the other crafters on Etsy "fall in love" with their creations??

This past weekend, I've taken a short break from knitting and I started some ink-drawings... just another creation that may find it's way to Etsy and I've been working on putting together a bunch of photos, mostly of sunrises at the beach (of course!) and some landscape photos that will probably also find their way into my Etsy shop.

Off to the beach...

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