Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One step forward... two steps back....

I entered a couple more scarves last night, one is a very nice Harvest scarf. I'm still experimenting with my photos of the scarves and I'm trying to come up with the best backgrounds/lighting to show off the scarve's colors and textures.
The Harvest scarf was a tough one. I originally took a shot of it on white posterboard and the combo of the white and the lighting washed out the deep orange & brown colors a bit. I took a closer shot w/ a black posterboard background and the colors are much bolder. I suppose I shoud edit the photos at some point today... Harvest themes have been popping up alot recently on ETSY and I'd like to get my 1st sale and build up my feedback.

After yesterday's little rant about so much to do-so little time, I sat down to continue building up inventory for the ETSY shop and upcoming craft shows. No, I didn't knit. Nope, not much with the photography (unless you count downloading a few photos onto the computer) I didn't do any ink-drawing either.
I made some jewelry... or tried to. I put together a few simple, but very cute pieces before the phone started ringing off the hook (It's very tough to make jewelry while trying to balance a little cell phone on your shoulder.... note to self- don't answer the cell phone when creating!!)

So I missed the sunset last night, begun yet another work-in-progress and I'm not a step closer to having my other shop catagories ready to debut on ETSY. One step forward... two steps back. At least I'm having fun doing it : ) !!!
See ya manana!

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