Thursday, August 16, 2007

So...I'm up to 10 items listed in my ETSY shop. 2 of the items have received "hearts" from other members and as a seller, I've received "hearts" from 6 members. I also have items in 2 treasuries... so the items and the shop are getting noticed and that is very cool!!!

I spent last night organizing my beads and jewelry supplies. I also put together 8 more sets of earrings, some will get into my ETSY shop at some point and others will be put away for upcoming craft shows. The grafic designer I used to create my ETSY shop banner and avatar is busy working on creating my business cards, hang tags etc and hopefully I'll have those printed and in hand by the end of next week.

Looks like a cloudy day at the Jersey shore, so no beach this morning... I'm off to work and hope to get a chance to go to Michael's on my lunch-break and pick up some more supplies. Hopefully they sell a product that'll give me some incentive to sit down and knit... I need to build up my scarf inventory for the holidays (and hope for a colder than usual winter)
The above photo is one I took while out in Arizona and it's part of the collection I hope to add to my ETSY shop in the near future. I just love the BLUE sky!!!
Have a great day!

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anodyne said...

Beautiful photo. I really like the vibrant colors. :)