Friday, August 24, 2007

The Sunny-Sun

has finally returned and that's a good thing! The beaches will be packed by all the "Bennies" who spent their hard-earned cash to rent an expensive beach house, where they spent the bulk of the last 4 days. Well at least it wasn't a total wash-out for them. For me, I put together a few more pieces of jewelry, worked on getting my inventory organized and picked out my initial 5 photos that I'll be offering on ETSY sometime in the next 2 weeks. (the picture above didn't make my final cut and won't be one that is offered, but it is indicative of the my style of photography)

I have 4 or 5 more items that will be going into my ETSY shop over the weekend and I'll try to get back to this blog later this evening with the pictures of the items before they go into my shop. Who knows, one may be offered at 50% off before it goes to ETSY, a sale for the bloggers....

Gotta run... take the boys for a quick dip in the waves and maybe to get their haircuts and I'll be back later this evening!


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