Thursday, August 23, 2007

A so-so Thursday...

It didn't rain much, but it was overcast much of the day. The sun finally (yea!!) started peeking thru in the early afternoon and I met up w/ my sweetie and the boys and went to the beach for a few hours in the early evening. The cool, autumn-like weather was gone and in the low 80s, the sun actually made it pretty warm on the beach.
The huge offering of shells and sea glass the ocean gave us on the weekend had magically disappeared tonight. Not even a medium sized shell was to be found. Hopefully the weather is nice at some point next week...I'd like to take my sweetie down to Wildwood w/ the boys for his B-Day. Hopefully there'll be a couple of finds on the beach down there.... who knows, maybe we can even get down to CapeMay and find a "Cape May Diamond" or two.

Nothing was accomplished today as far as crafting goes. After the beach we went to Michaels and I was able to cruise the aisles looking for a few things for future projects, but no where in the store did they have a can of knitting incentive. I guess somehow I'll just have to cook-up a batch of it (maybe I'll bring a couple skeins and my needles in case the weather is awful)
So, ETSY update... two and half weeks into this online experiment/project and I've had 1 sale. I guess that's not too bad, considering it is August... last 2 weeks of summer and a lot of people on vacation and add in back-to-school, so I suppose everything is a bit slow (in the ETSY forums, I've read where alot of sellers waited a month or more before getting there 1st)

It looks like my 1st fall craft show will be in the middle of Sept... I'll get more info once I'm sure I have a spot.
Looks like the rainy-day blahs are gone for the moment and I hope it stays that way.. I really need to get crackin if I'm going to succeed at this. Good- night from the Jersey shore!

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