Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another catch entry...

A busy weekend starting off with having my own treasury from Friday -Sunday. After getting the treasury selected and running, I went to work for 8 hours, came home and ate dinner with the family. I then made jewelry until 4:00 am , yea I know... but I was on a roll. When my sweetie asked me if I knew what time it was, I really thought it was a little after 1 am...LOL

Saturday- I used the nice sunny morning to experiment taking pictures of jewelry outside. The pictures were okay, as I didn't get the lighting I had hoped for. And while out there, I thought I heard the ocean calling my name, so I packed up the family, made lunch and off to the beach we went.
The ocean was pretty rough, just perfect for finding a bunch of beach glass ( my banner on ETSY is beach glass in water- walking the beach everyday, looking for beach glass is my incentive for selling my creations at craft shows and in my ETSY shop) and we found about 15 keepers and saw, but couldn't get to at least that many more.
Saturday night, I made some jewelry... a few of the pieces became today's newest additions to my ETSY shop.
After the Sunday morning activities, I made a couple more pieces of jewelry, helped my boys make their cousins a couple of bracelets and headed out to A C Moore to hunt down more craft supplies. We joined my sister and brother-in-law for dinner at a local place and headed home.

I didn't find the incentive to knit, nor did I do anything to get my photography section closer to debuting on ETSY, but I did build up my jewelry inventory for both my ETSY shop and for upcoming craft shows. I know I need to knit, but after working all day, to just sit down and knit for a couple of hours isn't all that appealing... maybe in the fall when the "good" TV shows come back on.

Hope eveyone had a great weekend!


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