Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Once again, another rainy, cold day the Jersey shore. The best way to describe it would be Blah! I had very little motivation during today. I didn't do any crafting during my lunch hour at work, not did I cruise Michaels to look for crafting supplies.

After dinner tonight, I spent a couple hours looking at some of the ETSY shops....maybe I'll do another treasury. I'm thinking about doing a blue-themed treasury. I have a few pieces of my own that I can slip on and off the treasury and I found some beautiful pieces in other seller's shops that I'd like to feature.

With a nice strong cup of coffee, I scanned the forums on ETSY for about 45 minutes, looking for spots to promote my newest addition to my shop... a very cute child's scarf & hat set and then set off to create some thank-you cards and pack away all my finished work from this weekend.

Tomorrow's supposed to be drier in the afternoon, maybe I can find some incentive to knit?? Or perhaps, I'll head to the bay after dinner hoping for a few nice photo ops.

Yea, that would work!!


Today's picture was taken on Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend, before the crowds came for the summer. I needed this summer-y type picture to remind me how the beach will be again in a few short weeks. I can't wait!!

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Cathy said...

Lovely photo...I can't wait for Summer here in Australia. I'm over the cold - and our central heating system isn't working and I'm FREEZING!!