Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend, Autumn, Craft Shows

The unofficial end of summer is upon us. I didn't get to the beach as much as would have liked, but I'm not really too upset that Labor Day weekend is here. The Jersey shore is soooo much nicer in September. The dog days of summer are gone, the ocean breeze is refreshing and the water is probably the warmest it has been all summer.
All of that makes for some glorious beach days! The vacationers have returned home and most won't be back until next June, leaving us locals with clean, wide-open beaches. And that means less competition for BEACH GLASS!!!

Never before have I ever witnessed so many people looking for these ocean gems. Last summer, there were a couple of obvious people in search of beach glass, but this summer it was crazy. It was like people searching for gold or something. Of course if you match up the prices that sea glass sold for a year ago to the current prices, especially on FEEBAY, you might also be out on the beach looking for the new "gold". What used to sell for $5 a year ago, will often sell for $15 or more today. I bought a brilliant red piece of sea glass last spring, paying about $15 for the piece (for those not familiar with sea glass, red pieces a considered to be very rare and I believe this piece to be about right at the time) I wanted to put it away and create a piece for Valentine's Day later next yr. The piece had a curve to it that I couldn't see in the photos and I just wasn't happy about the way it was going to sit if I wire-wrapped it. It was such a beautiful piece, I didn't want to drill a hole into it, so I decided to list it on Feebay, just to see if there were any takers. What I bought less than 7 months ago for 15, sold for almost 35...crazy!

Sorry for a little rant about beach glass, I'm a bit excited because tonight will be the last full moon of the month, and the ocean often yields some beautiful pieces after a full moon (plus I'm off from my JOB for the next week and sooo looking forward to spending a lot of time on the beach)

I'm busy making several new pieces, most of which are Autumn themed and many will head into my shop on Etsy in the next few days. I'll add a few images of the new creations in another blog entry later tonight or early tomorrow.

I still haven't decided on a September craft show, though I know I'll be doing at least one, probably middle to end of the month.
I have an early October show that I did last year and know I can just as easily do again, unless I find something else that with a larger turnout. The end of October is filled.

October 25- The Handmade Faire (see banner at the top of my blog for more info, they are still accepting applications) in Medford, NJ. The show's curators do an outstanding job of promoting their shows and I'm very excited about this show. The EtsyNJ team will be represented by at least 25 members (and probably closer to 40 team members) for this show.

October 26- The Lacey High School Fall Festival- I've done a few shows here and they are always well run and heavily promoted. This year they are eliminating the "tupperware/avon" type vendors and concentrating on Handmade vendors.

November is still wide-open. I'm doing a show on the 15th and have a possible show on the 8th. The EtsyNJ team is talking about doing a show in November, renting a store with about 15 members selling their items.
My December shows will most likely be local shows and I'll be announcing the dates as they become available.

Check back, if you'd like to see my latest creations. Images will be up very soon!

til next time...

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