Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Hi all... My shop has all been re-activated after this past weekends craft show in Manahawkin. I even made a sale about 2 hours I put everything back in the shop, which was very nice.

The show itself wasn't too bad for me, but for many other vendors, it was not a good show. It seemed well-organized, perhaps a bit shaky on the promoting. I did find it listed in a couple local papers, but outside the school, the signing was very weak and hard to read (it's a 40 mph speed limit and the lettering did not stand out) I don't really think the community did a good job supporting the show and even though the school was raising money, the support just didn't seem to be there, especially on a day that was overcast and unseasonably cool.
There were vendors that didn't show up, and far too many vendors that were not ready at the start time. There were still vendors walking in the door 5 minutes before the start of the show, along with vendors openly complaining to the promoters on the show floor about location and the fact there was another vendor selling the same type of merchandise as he was (he was also a vendor still clearing up the aisle in front of his tables after the show had started)
My polymer items and sea glass creations have sell okay there and it's a promoter that is very nice, but I'm just not sure if I'll be back at this show next year. One vendor told me he polled almost all the vendors and none did this spring show before! It wasn't a waste of time for me and it could have been far worse!

I'm still searching for another show or two before the end of next month, when I'll take the summer off, to concentrate on making fall/winter items, devote more time to promoting on Etsy and get involved with the EtsyNJ Street Team.
Right now I'm either going to do the Woodbine show on June 28th or the Hammonton HS show on the 29th. I was just informed of the Hammonton show and told last year's traffic was well over 5,000. not sure which way I'm going just yet, Woodbine gets a lot of beach traffic and my sea glass would probably do well there. Hammonton, I believe, is an indoor show and would probably get a lot of bad-weather traffic.
I'm still looking for a good show between now and the June shows to fill out my Spring show season...

I've listed several new polymer creations on Etsy and I have a couple more to sea glass pieces to list, including the bracelet above. My Etsy sales for the month is at 2, but I have received quite a few hearts recently, so perhaps so sales are just around the corner!

That's it for today...til next time...


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BlossomingTree said...

Good luck on your upcoming shows. Your bracelet is beautiful. I'm going to check out your shop.