Sunday, June 1, 2008

The State Of Handmade, New Advertising Ideas, May Recap

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last blog, sorry all! We've had some health issues recently in the family. I had a double ear infection that was just soooo much fun to deal with and my hubby has a more serious issue that has so far turned out to be more of a scare, than anything (we're keeping our fingers crossed) . But enough of the gloom and doom...

As of right now, I passed on all the shows for June, though I might do a local show later this month. After talking to many crafters, it appears that the state of the economy has hurt both customer turnout at shows and the amount of money they are spending. A couple of the shows I attended recently as a customer, seemed real slow and after talking to some of the vendors I knew, they agreed the economy has slowed things considerably.
There were several shows towards the end of the month I would liked to do, but with "life" just seems to have prevented these shows for happening for me.

Even though I wasn't up for getting on the computer to promote my items on Etsy for nearly two weeks, my shop did have a slightly better month in May than in either March or April! We finally hit the 90 sale mark late in the month and a fun trade with fellow EtsyNJ street teamer- gave me my 91st sale and one less Father's Day gift to buy! YAY!

I'll be concentrating on building up my items in my shop. Over the last month several listings expired and along with the sales I made, the shop now has fewer than 2 dozen items listed. I'll be taking new pictures of some of the expired items later today, (sun permitting) and hopefully putting together a couple of pieces to be listed over the course of the next few days. I have several pieces of beach glass drilled and just waiting to be used, along with a beautiful light purple piece that I haven't figured out what I want to create with it. I'm thinking a wire-wrap, perhaps bezel-wrap, and using this gem as the center-piece on a necklace.

One very new advertising idea I came up with is using a site that pays for participation (there's a little banner on the top of this blog page, with a pair of my earrings in the banner!) It's pretty cool site, we talk about crafting ideas, projects we're working on, doing shows, etc, etc. The amount of Etsy members seem to be growing weekly and our chatting about Etsy has brought both attention to the site for other crafters and now I'm noticing some potential buyers have found my shop.
Just yesterday, I finally figured out how to add my Etsy mini to to my profile and last night I already received a message from a member asking me about my earrings... maybe a future customer?
I've already made a couple of sales by uploading pictures of items and including my shop address is the description (and you get paid for uploading 1 image per day). If you're looking for new places to promote your shop, click on the link at the top of this blog... it's free to join and you might find a few new customers on the site, while earning a little bit of $$ for participating! It's works great for me and I've already been paid for participation : )
Every little bit helps!!

til next time...

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