Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Treasury Featured All Week.... New Jewelry Creations!

Earlier this week, I received a convo from a fellow member of the EtsyNJ street team. She was making me aware that one of my sea glass necklaces were included in her current treasury. Cool!

This treasury was picked up by the site and featured there for a few days. The it was featured on the Found-Handmade.blogspot blog that features items found on Etsy, ArtFire, 1000 Markets, etc

Last night, I found that this very same treasury is now one of the featured treasuries on the byhandgallery blog.

Pretty awesome! And quite a bit of exposure from one treasury!!

I've been spending quite a bit of time getting ready for next weekend's craft show and for the space I'm probably renting in a gift shop at the beach this summer. I've spent a good part of the weekend at my craft table wrapping a bunch of sea glass and now I'm waiting on a couple of silver deliveries to add necklaces to wrapped pendants and to finish up some other works in progress.

I just finished wrapping a light aqua/dark cornflower heart-shaped piece of sea glass and the image is above.

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GlennK said...

Nice! By coincidence I just finished wrapping a white sea glass heart with silver.

Zarebski said...

Nice design!! I love to wear this kind of jewelry... It is my favorite one!!