Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Listings, Valentine's Day Items, and More Sea New Year's Resolutions

As a new year is ushered in, I was finally able to get my Etsy listings back up to 20... only another 8-10 before I finally feel comfortable with my Etsy shop again. The new 2009 listing was a very pretty, quite rare, teal sea glass necklace.

Hopefully I'll have a day or two of sun over the next three days, so I can take pictures of my finished creations. I still have a wonderful Citron sea glass necklace, along with a beautiful, light gray necklace, a few greens and a pretty sea glass bracelet all waiting for images.

The Valentine-themed listing above is just one of two newer pieces that have been listed for Valentine's Day. Of course all my jewelry could be Valentine's Day gifts... but the other piece that was created for the next "holiday" is a pair of copper heart/pink-ish flower cup earrings... very pretty & feminine.

I'm also working on a bracelet or two, where a piece of sea glass shaped like a heart, will be the focal bead on the creation. It's still a work-in-progress, but I hope to have it finished in the next week.

As I usher in a new year, I once again have some CreationsByRobin resolutions (I did pretty well looking back at last years!)...

Once again, I'd like to work more efficiently and spend more time with my family. I also hope to add a couple more craft fairs to my 2009 schedule, both in the summer and fall/holiday seasons.

Smarter promoting and probable print-ad advertising is in my plans for 2009 and the one resolution I kind of failed on last year... blog at least 2 times each week.

Thank you to all of my followers, both from Etsy and those that follow me at my shows. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2009 and i look forward to having the opportunity to meet and serve you in the upcoming year!

'til next time...


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The_Frustrated_Writer said...

They are beautiful! Great blog!