Friday, January 9, 2009

New Creations, Electric Blue Necklace, and a Milestone in my Shop

I'm currently working on a few new items for my shop, mostly Valentine's-themed creations that I hope to list sometime this weekend. It would help to have some sort of decent weather conditions to take some photographs... hopefully Sunday will offer a few sunny moments.

My Electric Blue Sea Glass Necklace has provided many interesting thoughts as to the shards actual origin. Several respected long-time collectors of sea glass and actually, a few who I would call experts with glass or experts in the region this piece came from have all shared their opinions with me.

Of all the opinions I received, there are two very strong opinions and I'm fairly sure that one of the two is absolutely the correct answer to the question of "where did this piece come from?"

While no one has yet had the opportunity to personally examine the piece, it is rather exciting for me, to have received so many different opinions on this shard of glass that has been tumbled by the sea and surf.

The color certainly draws quite a bit of attention from sea glass collectors and it's been fun to this point for it to attract as much attention as it has received. Maybe one day, if it stays in my shop long enough, I'll take it to be examined in person... or maybe the mystery will be passed along to the lucky buyer...the mystery of the Electric Blue necklace... ( this necklace can be viewed in the Etsy mini located in the right hand panel of this blog)

Okay, the milestone I mentioned in the title has to do with my 150th sale, which came early yesterday. I certainly never envisioned making this many sales, this quickly and I'm planning on a blog giveaway sometime later this month... stay tune for more details!

'til next time...



Audrey said...

Let me know when you post your give away. I have a give away blog and would love to add a link to yours!!

creationsbyr said...

Thanks! Will do!!