Monday, October 29, 2007

How does "real" Autumn weather affect your sales?

After a longer than usual "Indian" summer (is Indian-summer even politically correct??) central NJ has had in between weather for a couple of bordering on Indian summer and fall and now, finally, the Autumn weather has arrived. It's been chilly at night and much cooler during the days. It's been tough to get my sons to give up wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts to school and we've quickly gone from summer clothes to sweatshirts and jackets.

When I 1st started my shop with Etsy, I had quite a few scarfs. I started my shop with about a half dozen scarfs and a few simple pieces of jewelry. Not understanding how Etsy really works, I thought listing scarves in August would be a good idea, as they'd be able to sit in my shop for 4 months and they'd be listed for the holiday season. Obviously, 90 degree+ heat doesn't sell scarves in August (no matter what price you sell them for..LOL)
But over the last week, with the cold snap we've been waiting for has arrived and not only are the scarves selling, but also anything holiday. 2 weeks ago I don't think I could have sold a scarf at 75% off and anything Christmas-y was barely getting views. Bring in a bit of cold weather and every one's thought process gets right into winter/holiday mode.
I found this funny when over the weekend at a show, I sold a scarf to a customer at full price. She had attended my last show also, look at the same scarf at 40% off 3 weeks earlier, but in 85 degree weather but wouldn't buy it. She raved about it and how she had to have it, but backed off even when she realized it was on sale. Maybe she thought winter was stopping by this year, or she didn't want to be seen buying a scarf in 85 degree weather? And maybe I had the same thought, since I had the scarf on sale in early October....

The cold weather and Autumn's arrival has sparked the sales in my shop, has your shop been busier lately because of Autumn's late arrival??

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PS- If you haven't read my Etsy article that was published on the internet, the link is in my previous blog, Please check it out and let me know what you think. I also have a beach glass article link a blog a few days further back. If you're into beach glass, you may find it an interesting look at the how's and why's of beachglass!!

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