Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally feeling a little better!

We'll the antibiotics took awhile to do their job, but I'm feeling so much better the last 2 days (about 80%, which is sooo much better than the 20% I felt like over the weekend)
I actually accomplished a lot today. I finished 7 pieces of jewelry, organized all my new jewelry supplies (shhh, I went to AC Moore for an hour to buy some jewelry/yarn supplies on sale).
Last night I took pictures of the scarves I finished - one went on ETSY yesterday and made about a dozen cell phone charms for my upcoming craft shows. If I could only take the next 2 days off from work, I'd be all caught up with my fall inventory!

For the next couple of days, I'll do some knitting and my boys and I (hopefully ALL my boys- my sweetie and not me) will do some candle-making tomorrow night while I watch TV...ummm, knit...LOL. This weekend I'm going to visit a couple of local cradt shows before heading up to join my sweetie's family at their yard sale (I'm sure I'll be rushing to get
I have a bunch of supplies I'm waiting on, including a nice supply of beach glass for jewelry creations. I don't know if I'll be placing these items on ETSY or not, but I'll try to post some photos when I finish them.

Tomorrow- I think I'll do a beach glass 101 and explain why it's not always a good idea to buy "beach/sea glass jewelry" without knowing the seller.

Til tomorrow, hopefully

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