Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to School Night Surprise

Last night was Back to School night for my 10yo son. While listening to his teacher explain what they would be covering during the school year, I noticed she had a very pretty glass-bead necklace on. I made a motion to my sweetie about her necklace and of course he was totally clueless (of course!) She also had a beautiful beaded bracelet and very pretty earrings on.
Most of the parents left after the session, probably heading to another child's classroom for another meeting and we waited until the few remaining parents chatted briefly with the teacher before approaching her.
Of course, I just had to ask her about her wonderful jewelry and yes, she makes it herself and has been doing it for many years. She wears her wares to school and the other teachers and school personnel end up ordering custom made items from her.
I just had to ask her if she heard of ETSY and she looked at my like I spoke a strange language. We spoke about ETSY for about 10 minutes and she became very excited about the prospects of selling her items online, took my card and said she'd be looking into it.
It would've been great to have met a potential customer and perhaps make a future sale or 2, but it was a lot of fun promoting ETSY to a very talented jewelry maker. I have the feeling this talented crafter will be joining the selling ranks at ETSY in the very near future!

Til next time...

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