Thursday, August 9, 2007

Newbie on Etsy

Hi! My name is Robin and I'm in the process of opening my store on Etsy (CreationsByRobin) It's still a work in progress getting the store set-up finished and I'm looking for a designer to create my banner and avatar.My personal info is... I'm a mom of 2, working (full-time) and living at the Jersey shore. Years ago I made jewlery as a hobby and sold my pieces in a small local boutique. I alter decorated some slow-selling shirts that the boutique had in stock (at the owners request) and those did very well with the tourists. Decorating shirts/sweatshirts became my 2nd job and I had my works-in-progress hanging all over my house. When I started my family, I had to have a "real job", but have always longed to return to offering my creations to the public. I hadn't heard of Etsy until a fellow worker showed me an article in the newspaper about a Ebay-type website for crafters... and now here I am.I never knew crafting forums and blogs about crafts by crafters existed and I'm excited by the ideas that this community shares on a daily basis. I look forward to absorbing everyone's thoughts and hope to share with everyone in the very near future.
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