Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Sea Glass, New Creations

It's taken a while for my first post of the New Year.

After a tough finish to 2011, I had decided to take it slowly going forward
in 2012. But several of my sea glass friends motivated me to jump in and
get started.

With some new sea glass- including a few gorgeous English blues from fellow Etsy member Penny Parker, my creative juices were invigorated and I found myself sitting
at my crafting table and things just started flowing.

After about 30 minutes, I had a few hundred pieces of sea glass spread out on
one table and I picked out a few jewelry quality pieces for wrapping. The next
thing I knew, I had finished 8 or 9 sea glass pendants, the sun was peaking out
from behind the clouds and there I was with my trusty camera, capturing images
my new creations.

One or two of my new creations will go into my Etsy shop. As for the rest, who
knows...but I think one is just to gorgeous to part with and it'll look great
on me this spring and summer.

There is nothing like some beautiful new sea glass to rid the winter blues and I
can't wait for my next trip to the beach- in search of some new sea glass for my

'til next time,

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