Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend Craft Fair, End of Summer ....

So another summer has come and gone, the children are back in school, and the beaches are fairly empty. Hopefully not to empty this coming Sunday...

This Sunday, September 12th, I'll be vending at the The Beach Plum Festival in Island Beach State Park. It's not very often I have the opportunity to do a show near the beach, but last year's show was so much fun. I'm very excited to be coming back again this year (I'm going to get a jar or three of Beach Plum jelly and I don't care how long I wait in line this

The top image is probably the most looked at piece from prior shows. I placed it in my Etsy shop earlier this morning, and it's marked down nearly 40% from it's show price. A pre-show special for my Etsy customers that are not able to attend the show. It's a very unique English sea glass necklace, and the piece has a bold red splash in the frosted white glass...a beautiful piece that has had customers coming back to my display at recent shows to look at it again and again. The current listed Etsy price will be adjusted back to full price after the show, and I will also end the Free Shipping promo that has carried over from the summer.

Last week's hurricane/tropical storm produced some beautiful surf. larger than normal waves pounded the Jersey shoreline and caused some minor erosion on LBI. Other New jersey beaches were hit much harder, so I suppose we were quite lucky.

The stronger tides failed to provide much in the way of sea glass, and most of what my family and I found were newer shards of glass that somehow found there way into the ocean. Most pieces were very sharp, and no where near close to being sea glass, so we discarded them into the recycle bins on the beach. We did find a chunkier pale blue piece of sea glass- probably from an old Coke bottle- that was well-weathered. This piece will probably become a piece of LBI sea glass necklace, and find it's way into one of the local shops that display my handmade jewelry. Hopefully this weekend will produce a couple of pretty pieces of sea glass that was stirred up by last week's storm.

If you happen to be looking for a fun event this coming Sunday, and you're in the Ocean County, NJ area, head over to Island Beach State Park. The beaches are beautiful, and I think you'll find several interesting handmade vendors displaying their creations.
I'll be in the same spot as last year (near the clubhouse)or standing in the Beach Plum jelly line...stop by and say Hi, if you have a chance!

'til next time...

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