Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Having Items Featured Is EXCITING!

It's always a lot of fun when I find one of my items in a treasury, or receive a convo to let me know a specific item has been selected in a treasury. But it's extremely exciting when I find that one of my creations have been featured in a blog!

Treasuries will sometimes be overlooked one day, and then buried the next by the huge amount of treasuries created on Etsy each day. But an established blog often has several followers, and even with the slightest bit of promotion, blogs often receive more unique hits because artisans enjoy reading blogs- I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning and checking on the several blogs that I follow and I often check on them weekly. I especially enjoy finding new blogs to follow. So it's a rush for me to find one of my sea glass creations featured in a blog.

This week, one of necklaces were featured in this blog...

A few creations were completed over the weekend, and I have a custom order to work on, and another to look into. The top two images are my new creations, and I have a few pictures to crop...hopefully I'll have more images to share tomorrow.

til next time...

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