Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Handmadeology, Shop Sales, Craft Shows

I really hate when I don't get to my blogs for more than a couple of days. The next thing you know, days to turn to weeks and then there's so much to catch up on.

Last week was the Timothy Adam Handmadeology week-long course. If you weren't one of the 1,500 Etsy members to jump on that bandwagon, and you want to increase your shop views and sales, then you really need to get in touch with Timothy.

In the week long course, Timothy touches base with everything from social networking on Facebook & Twitter to promoting, blogging and even great time management tips. Even though I already had everything in place on all the sites he mentions, the amount of information he shares in each course showed me how much more untapped potential there is in all the applications. It truly is an amazing eye-opener and each time I upgraded from what I originally had, I realized an increase in shop/item views.

Shop views will lead to sales and while it's still sometimes hard to credit sales to a specific view, when you begin to see an increase in views and make a sale or two, it isn't too much of a reach to credit the social networking sites, and Etsy promotions. (the above images are just a couple of items that have found new homes in the last 2 weeks)

Craft Shows....
I have a pending show in a couple of weeks in Burlington County area. It should be a fun show and there will be a few-to several EtsyNJ team members there...hopefully I'm accepted.

It also seems that my application has been accepted for the Barnegat Bay Festival on June 7th. I believe I have a spot inside their main tent.
I'm working with a couple of NJ team members on putting a show together for the museum we all consign items to. the show is tentatively planned for June 27th in Long Beach Island and if we can put it together quickly, it should be a great opportunity, as LBI will be at near full capacity once the children are out of school.

I also have a couple of shows for July pending. A show in Point Pleasant for July 11th is practically finalized and a pending show in Burlington County for the following Saturday, July18th.
I plan on taking August off (unless the the museum would like to organize another show) to spend with my family and gear-up for the fall/holiday "circuit". (I'm already booked for shows in Oct & Nov)

I should have more info in the coming days on the show later this month and the June shows.

'til next time...


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Audrey said...

My goodness - you could have a really busy summer! Hope it works out well for you. Would love to do shows all summer.