Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Recent Purchase From the Shop of 2nd Life

Even though plastics bags are great for cleaning up after the dog, they really are just more garbage going into our landfills. We bring our canvas bags when we go food shopping, but the re-usable bags the stores sell are often so small, that after a half gallon of milk, and 2 or 3 small items the bag is pretty much full.

So when I saw the bag 2ndLife created, I knew I had to have one! The owner of the Etsy shop 2ndLife, Anna-Mari, creates bags in multiple colors. The bags are hand painted by her and the bag is HUGE!!

I just received it yesterday and took it with my to my local food store (which also happens to sell re-usable bags for $15 each) to pick up several items...and it all fit into the bag! What I bought yesterday would have filled my old bag and then some...I actually would have needed two of my older re-usable bags.

If you are looking to support the go-green movement, re-usable grocery bags are a great way to live the the Go-Green life. The bags Anna-Mari of 2ndLife are huge and at a terrific price! Anna-Mari ships to North America (she lives in Finland) and my bag was delivered in less than 5 business days (Finland to NJ in 4 days is pretty awesome!)

Take a look at 2ndLife shop for reusable bags and her other beautiful creations!

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