Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Crafting, New Sea Glass Jewelry, & Just Thinking Outloud

It seems there has been a bit of a lull over the last several days on Etsy. I've fooling around a bit with the new Google Analytics tool and I set up a custom report to see when and where my shop views are coming from. Despite quite a bit of promoting, my shop views seem to dwindle each day, and there have been very few new viewers.

Which means it's time to get back to the crafting table : ). I really wanted to begin work on a few new spring items and spread my sea glass out over a couple tables, just to see what I have for this season. (and just to look at it *smiles*)

I was able to find a few pieces of sea glass that the ocean tumbled to look like a heart, so I wire-wrapped a couple of the bigger pieces. I had not planned on making any more Valentine's Day type items, but.... Hopefully the sun cooperates today and I can take photos of the new pieces.

The cold-snap that has stretched the entire length of the eastern coast of the US has me a bit leery of beginning a lot of spring-themed items. I've started planning on a few new spring items and began working on one of them last night.

Besides my sea glass hearts that should find their way into my shops by this weekend, I have a few new sea glass pieces I'll be working on later this week. I have a some cobalt and cornflower blue pieces drilled and ready for creating.

These cobalts & cornflowers will turn into bracelets and earring stacks and hopefully my hubby will drill a couple pieces of aqua and turquoise for me before I get started. I'd really love to make a bracelet with the 4 main blue colors of sea glass... I hoping to have enough of the colors to make two bracelets...I'd like to keep one for myself : )

'til next time...


Audrey said...

Hello!! totally understand the slump! Though I too need to start producing new items - don't always feel like crafting when it's not selling though.
Have a great day!!

By The Sea Jewelry said...

Really pretty pixs of really pretty sea glass.

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I think you would like it a be a welcomed member!