Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass... a sneak preview, Plus Etsy promos

With 2 very big shows coming up this weekend, I spent the better part of last weekend at my crafting table trying to build up my inventory. I have been building up my jewelry quality sea glass for awhile and this weekend, I finally put several new pieces together.

The above piece is probably my favorite, as I'm a sucker for cobalt blue sea glass. I like this one so much, I haven't even considered placing it in my Etsy shop... but yes, it will eventually get in there, if it makes it through the weekend.

This past weekend I offered Free Shipping on all of my sea glass pieces and that was picked up on the weekend Deals article in the Storque. My shop was the 3rd feature in the article. The sea glass piece they featured in the article received several views and a handful of hearts and I had countless other shop and items hearts this past weekend.

Also this weekend, the EtsyNJ team website had an article (http://www.etsynj.com/) featured another piece of my sea glass in the lead weekend article! In all it was a fairly good weekend on Etsy for me and I doubled my sales for the month in less than 60 hours.

I'll be adding a few more of the sea glass pieces tomorrow, along with the info on this weekend's shows (the 1st show has a banner listed in my blog at the top of the right hand column).

'til next time...



RagsNehali said...

Your creations are beautiful..good luck with all the shows..

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Beautiful jewelry. I love cobalt sea glass too:):)