Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gearing up for an Outdoor Craft Show

This Saturday, in Forked River NJ, I'll be doing an outdoor craft show at Lacey's Annual CrabFest. The show begins at 8am (the CrabFest at 11am) and Saturday's weather is supposed to be HOT and Sunny... did I mention HOT? Local weather is guessing the temp to be in the 90s.

Now the CrabFest is a huge event , with hundreds of people attending (with 1,000 being expected this yr) and all traffic needs to pass through the craft show. The event will also have 2 radio stations broadcasting from the show/or appearing at the show.

Hopefully the am hours won't be too hot and we'll get the usual early morning crowd that shows up to all the Lacey shows. Heck, if I do really well, I can pack it up early and grab some fresh Crab for lunch : )

As July winds down, it seems the Etsy traffic has picked up. After starting off slowly, the back end of this month has shown improvement. There's been a lot of interest in my sea glass creations, with a few listings finding new homes. I have a few new sea glass items made and if they don't sell at this weekend's show, they end up in my Etsy shop.

I also have made several new bracelets and I think a few of them will certainly sell at the show, if the crowds are there. There one or two that I'd love to keep for myself, but I have about 10 more bracelets than I really need as it is. I don't often list many items the week before a show, but I'd love to add a black and lavender glass bead bracelet that I just finished.

It really is very pretty and I don't think it'll come home with me from this weekend's show. (if I get the time to do another blog before the show, I'll add an image of the bracelet)

But I will add an image of the sea glass bracelet that I'll be adding into my shop sometime tomorrow : )

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kim* said...

sounds good I am looking forward to seeing it.

brightonEarly said...

good luck! I have yet to take on anything even remotely related...