Sunday, December 30, 2007

Closing out 2007...

So we say goodbye to 2007 tonight. It was a fun year, I started my online shop in August and followed up shortly after with my blog. Now there are picture hosting sites, clubs, craft sites, etc etc. It really is amazing that I can remember all of them... well almost all of them.

We had fun doing craft shows this year. The sales weren't exactly what we expected, but they weren't bad either. I'm analyzing the shows with my s/o and beginning to plan out next year's shows already. I'd like to add 1 or 2 more to a few of the shows that had quite a bit of traffic. A few of the shows, I applied late for, didn't get the best location and I think I can do better next year with earlier applications. A few other shows, I'll have to think twice about, especially when there seems to be a better opportunity elsewhere. I'd like to do about 7 shows between October and mid-December, along with 1 or 2 Spring shows. I'd consider a summer show, but my location and summertime usually means the beach unless the weather is bad. proved to be a nice find. I was able to sell more than I expected (but my expectations weren't very high) and my last creation sold today. I listed it in the early afternoon, noticed it had 19 views almost immediately and then I received the email, my piece sold less than 30 minutes after it was listed! Very cool and I wish I had a similar one, as it picked up a few hearts before it sold.

My shop, CreationsByRobin, is one of the 40 featured shops in volume 2 of the Handbook to Handmade. I'm not sure what pictures are being used (I haven't heard anything back yet and probably won't for a few more days) I'd love to have one of my creations on the cover page- I think 10-12 pictures are used for the cover- and I'm excited to see how it comes out!

2007 was a lot of fun, I made so many new friends through and I'm sooo looking forward to 2008 and everything it will bring. To all my friends and readers of this blog, I'd like to wish each and everyone of you a healthy and safe New Year!

Happy New Year!

til next year...


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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

congrats on being in the book ! You do beautiful work, Saw your blog on etsy thread :)