Monday, November 5, 2007

Less than 50 shopping days to XMAS... how have your sales been?

With only about 7 weeks left to shop for the holiday's, it seems that Etsy has been bombarded with sellers promoting their items and the buyers must feel a bit overwhelmed. I added about 7 items over the weekend and only 1 or 2 received more than 10 views in it's first 30 minutes of listing. Normally my new items receive nearly 20 views in that 30 minutes and worse case, they receive at least 10. I had 3 listings receive 5 or less views over the weekend and even with promoting the new items in the forums, they struggled to get to 10 views.

Thankfully I have to finish up a couple of custom orders and work on increasing a few sections of my craft show inventory or I'd be very slow right now.

I guess it 's back to the promoting forum for awhile tonight, while I try to finish the scarf I've been knitting this weekend.

So how is everyone else's sales? Is it slower than you expected or has your pre-holiday sales been what you expected?

Til next time...

PS- this is a piece of beach glass that I made into a pendant/necklace. My camera is on it's way out and the wire wrapping is a bit blurry, but this cobalt blue piece of beach glass is fantastic in the sunlight. A definite attention-grabber!!

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Ity-Bity Bags said...

I love your snowflake pendant! You have a lovely blog! ~♥Lisa