Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend catch-up

I'm going to a few craft shows this morning before heading up to my in-laws for the football games. The 1st show starts at 11:00 am (?) and it's a show I applied for, but because I sold hand-made jewelry (along w/ scarves, hats, holiday decorations and candles) they didn't accept my application. Apparently, they already had 4 jewelry vendors. I'm interested in seeing just how big or small this show is.
The 2nd show is on LBI and despite starting earlier in the morning like most show do, I didn't feel like driving all over the place today. By the time I get to the show I'm interested in seeing, it will be well under way.
Yesterday I made a few more pieces of jewelry and one was put in my ETSY shop (see the mini-etsy link and check out my Grand Canyon bracelet) One or 2 of the other pieces will go into my ETSY shop also, to replace the 2 pieces that sold on Fridays night, with the balance of the jewelry going into my show inventory.
I'm hoping to find something that sparks some creative juices, either in designing some new piece or maybe an idea that improves my table display.... something that stands out and draws potential customers to my table from across the room.
Oh well, a girl dream, can't she?
Off to the shows.... til next time....

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